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Lockerverse Sees New Tech as Best Way to Bring Together Fans, Athletes


APRIL 25, 2023

A new company named Lockerverse is looking to connect big names in sports and entertainment, using innovative technology, to fans who wouldn't usually get the opportunity.

Launched in 2022, Lockerverse gives athletes, entertainers and creators a place to share their stories on their own terms, both through its online platform and in real life. The company positions its technology and network as open and inviting to a fanbase that might otherwise be shut out—a "first-of-its-kind community platform and cultural hub for the future of the internet."


Lockerverse featured in Comcast NBCUniversal The Farm.

The Farm - Atlanta

1 Month

Meet Trey McDonaldJames Carlos McFall, and Marcus Rance, founders of Lockerverse, a technology platform that empowers diverse creators and athletes to build wealth by selling assets on the blockchain.

Lockerverse Founders Join the Black Tech Green Money Podcast

Three founders combined their backgrounds to launch an innovative technology platform that’s attracting the likes of Savanah and Bronny James.


William A.I. “Trey” McDonald, James Carlos McFall, and Marcus Rance are the masterminds behind Lockerverse. With the Web3 platform, communities thrive through engagement enhanced by their favorite athletes, entertainers, designers, brands, etc. A wide range of digital collectibles, traditional consumer product goods, digital and IRL experiences, content, gaming, and more can be purchased by users on the platform.


Samantha Dorisca

APRIL 4, 2023

Mad Rabbits Riot Club and Lockerverse Announce World Tour

Defi Society Studio (herein DSS) successfully launched Mad Rabbits Riot Club (herein MRRC) and sold out a collectible line of 7,500 art pfp’s on October 12, 2021. To build out our lore, phase 2 of the brand, referred to as Gang Wars, launched in April 2022. Each rabbit pfp from the original line has the ability to join forces and swear allegiance to one of ten gangs through a free+gas mint on our website.Lockerverse and DSS/MRRC are proud to announce a strategic partnership between MRRC and Lockerverse. Over the coming months and years, MRRC and Lockerverse will collaborate to deliver to the MRRC and Lockerverse communities exciting IRL activations, merch, collectibles, and experiences available exclusively via MRRC and Lockerverse. The first event will be at a listening session at NFT NYC in which multi-platinum producer Mr. Lee will present for a small group of fans and members of the MRRC and Lockerverse communities unreleased tracks by Nipsey Hussle and Pimp C. The listening session is just a taste of the exciting collaboration between MRRC and Lockerverse. Tap in to Lockerverse and MRRC for more information on the MRRC <> Lockerverse World Tour. 

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The first ever Luis R Conriquez Digital Collectible was provided to fans who attended his show at the Día Nacional de la Banda (National Day of Banda) that took place this past Friday, January 27, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Los Angeles, CA. (January 31, 2023). Coming off the heels of last week's successful Latin launch, that included a VIP listening session of never before heard music of the late Nipsey Hussle, held on the hot show Snowfall’s campus 

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2022 Disney Accelerator Participants Announced

Today, The Walt Disney Company announced the six companies that will be joining the 2022 Disney Accelerator, a business development...


Lockerverse Unlocks CJ Stroud’s Digital Community With The Release Of The First-Ever Digital Collectible

Ngozi Nwanji

April 25, 2023  •  2 min read

Lockerverse is staying true to its mission of empowering diverse creators and bringing culturally significant projects to the table.

On April 24, the Web3 platform announced that it has teamed up with Modern Mirror, a digital innovation company, to launch its first-ever digital collectible — CJ Stroud’s “CJ7 Collectible” — according to a press release shared with AfroTech.


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