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Savannah James Joins Metaverse Platform Lockerverse as Founder Member

Quick take:

  • Savannah James has jumped on the web3 train with Lockerverse.

  • She joins her sons Bronny and Bryce in the celebrity-focused metaverse platform.

  • Lockerverse serves as an e-hub platform where brands, athletes and designers can create content focused on different cultures.

Savannah James is joining her husband and children in the race to the metaverse. The social media influencer is joining her sons, Bronny and Bryce at Lockerverse as a founding member.

Lockerverse is a metaverse platform focused on emerging athletes, entertainers, designers and artists. The platform allows users to enjoy exclusive access to merchandise as well as, engage in digital experiences, including gaming and socialising.

The platform was founded by college mates William A.I. “Trey” McDonald, James Carlos McFall, and Marcus Rance to serve as an e-hub for creators looking to leverage culture for their content.

James’ social media following will help to amplify the platform to the next level as it seeks to accelerate user onboarding.

Commenting on her new position, James said she was “excited to collaborate with Trey, James, Marcus and my sons Bronny and Bryce to create a platform that links various communities to new technologies.”

“Lockerverse aligns with my love of culture, sportsmanship, and community. This platform will help up-and-coming cultural icons grow and build wealth on their terms,” added James.

The James family has been one of the most active celebrity families on web3. In March, LeBron James filed four trademark applications related to the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)–blockchain-based digital files representing proof of ownership of media files, artwork and virtual avatars.

The filing showed that the legendary NBA athlete planned to expand his brand into the metaverse offering sportswear and basketball courts, as well as, an online marketplace for NFTs.

The metaverse is generally described as a 3D virtual space where people can interact with each other in virtual 3D avatars. In Lockerverse’s case, users can also access virtual and IRL merchandise, play games and share content.

Most of Lockerverse’s emerging talent is sourced from leading institutions including Morehouse College— Bronny and Bryce James, CJ Stroud and Jaxon-Smith Njigba from Ohio State University and several players enrolled from Duke University, the University of Texas and the University of Arkansas, among others.

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